Changing Pets Lives through our Foster Program

The Dog Spot Rescue would like to invite you to foster one of our rescue dogs. Opening your home to a homeless shelter dog will provide that dog the stability and home environment it needs in order to transition into a forever home of its own. We will provide the food, crates, medical and supplies for our dogs or pups. We need persons who can bring a dog into their home and give it the time and rest it needs to recover and get ready for that forever after home which is waiting for them out there. You would be giving that dog the TIME it needs to find HOME. Fosters have to pick up and deliver their foster dogs to adoption events, provide a warm, safe and loving environment while in their care. All members of the household must be on board. All personal dogs must be fully vaccinated. That is pretty much it! Please consider joining the team of hearts and homes offering a second chance to homeless dogs.  Thank you to the over 30 fosters currently in our program that are housing adults, seniors, moms and puppies for us. Without you our current program could not exist. Thank you to all-you are selfless and wonderful!!

The dogs we currently need foster homes for are moms and newborn pups until the puppies are 8 weeks old and adult dogs who need more socialization. We are sorry, we are not currently doing a foster to adopt program. There is no adoption discount when you foster. 

Rescued Now What

Fosters for small dogs and moms with pups are always needed. Looking mainly in ELk Grove/Sacramento area. If you are interested in learning more about our foster care program, please send us an email or you can fill out our online foster home application

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