Thank you for your interest in one of our dogs available for adoption. Please fill out the adoption application below and submit to The Dog Spot Rescue. All fields are required if applicable. 

Please consider your situation, stability, tolerance, patience, and time, carefully before applying for one of our adoptable canine companions. Dogs impact your life dramatically. It can be a pleasure or a heartache depending how prepared you are to weather the change.

All the dogs in our adoption program were previously owned and found themselves in a shelter and on a euthanasia list.  It is easy to fall in love with the baby face of an adorable puppy, but please consider the crying, peeing, pooing, the need for constant attention, guidence, training before adoption. Consider the 14 year stay in your home. Can you offer a ONE STOP family for this dog or puppy? Dogs grieve just like people at the loss of their families, special person and pack. They are lost without you.

Please Note:

All shelter dogs come in contact with pathogens which can impact their health, the health of other dogs they come in contact with and in some instances, the health of family members. This can include but not limited to: Kennel Cough, Guardia,(the two most common) ringworm, parasites, Parvo, and other diseases associated with dogs.

The Dog Spot is  dedicated to discovering anything a dog or puppy may have medically challenging and addressing it before a dog or puppy is released. However, a dog may not be symptomatic immedialtely and may show signs of ill health shortly after adoption. If so, and within your trial period,  we ask that the dog/ or pup be returned to us as soon as possible so we may begin treatment with our own team of Veterinarians.. You may have a refund of your adoption donation, pick another dog or pup or wait to see the outcome and re-adopt your orginal dog/pup when cleared of medical issues. Internal issues like cancer, heart murmurs, skelatory problems, infections can also be missed if dog is showing no symptoms of pain or abnormalities. As the last leg of the rescue process, we ask that you take your newly adopted dog to your own vet for a conformational well check during your one week trial to determine suitability of dog for your lifestyle, and basic health of dog presented.


Adoption Application

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